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We’re building a team of engineers and scientists who want to make a real difference in the world, have the skills to make it happen, and who like working with smart, friendly, and passionate people.

Maybe you’re someone who:

  • Is comfortable working on everything from networking to user interfaces, applied cryptography to distributed systems.
  • Can learn a new language and write a functional application in it in a week.
  • Believes in clean, testable, and peer-reviewed code.
  • Can get a real deployment of hardware and software off the ground.
  • Gets things done with no direction from others.
  • Is comfortable both taking the lead and hanging back, as needed in the moment.

Does this sound like you?  Do you have a passion for working on the types of projects we’re working on?  Have a crazy idea for something we should be doing?  Have we missed something you think you can bring to the table?  We want to hear from you.